Some of the special parameters for the round include: materials must be sourced from the pile of scrap steel, any forge welding technique can be used, blades cannot be mono steel, 13- to 15-inch length, fully functional, and ready for testing after 5 hours. Chad Kennedy (84 points, $15,000) (S7 E36), 2. Handles were made from skateboard wood. t open translation selector. Jesse Hu ($5,000) 2. In this special episode, Dave Baker relieves five of his favorite championships featuring ultimate super-sized weapons or polearms, which includes: the German Halberd, the Jumonji Yari, the Glaive Guisarme, the Qinglong Ji, and the Bardiche. Cody Kruseman. Round 1 was outdoors in the snow using coal forges. Nathan Payne 4. Before round 1 begins, the four bladesmiths choose from four tiers of challenges, using various steel types and forging difficulties presented to them on a table. Russian Cossack World War II Shashka Saber. Marcaida's younger brother and students have filled in for weapons testing during Marcaida's injury recovery. The smiths go through the "Pick of the Barrel" Challenge: a barrel with five different sources of mild steel (chains, pry bars, hammers, railroad spikes and horseshoes) attached to iron poles sticking out of the barrel. "It was surreal," Bingaman said. On discussion pages. They were not allowed to choose a monosteel construction. Self - Judge (45 Episodes) Doug Marcaida. The final week of "Judges Takeover", week 4, is presented and led by Dave Baker. Joe Stickel (Army & Air Force) (S6 E11 & S8 E30), 3. For Round 3, Ben assigns the contestants to replicate the Sutton Hoo sword, which Ben also showcased and fabricated in season 8's "Judges' Home Forge Battle" special episode. Jennifer Lyddane (S7, E32) 2. Dorian Mosak 4. (using high carbon steel and wrought iron), Results: 1. Two smiths who suffered catastrophic failures face-off while two smiths who failed to turn in blades in time get another shot to beat the clock. ABS Master Bladesmith Jason Knight filled in for him from episode three of that season through episode seven of season four. Each pair was required to alternate who worked on the blade at any given time. In the testing portion, both blades break upon their first impacts. Chris Coe (father is Vietnam War veteran) 4. After an intense round of testing, two smiths return home to recreate an even more iconic weapon of the revolution: The Continental Cavalry Sabre. Josh Smith (S3, E5) (Jason's pick) 3. He says that his wife took the concept of "Iron Chef" and turned it into a competition they called Battle of the Bladesmiths. WebThese Contestant Weapons In Forged In Fire AMAZED EVERYONE! The main judges include Historic Weapons Re-creation Specialist David Baker, Edged Weapon Specialist Doug Marcaida, American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Master Bladesmith James Neilson, and two-time Forged in Fire champion Ben Abbott. May 25, 2022 | 41m 45s | tv-pg v,l | CC Four bladesmiths enter the forge to compete in an epic Forged in Fire first: the Knife Fight. Grant wins the testing sequence as both Chris and Evan are eliminated. Grady Powell. In the "pay-to-play" competition, the competitors used money to buy metal and materials. Jesse Overton 3. A place where all FIF contestants and judges can show off and promote there products. After testing, Zach (Doug's pick) is sent home while Nicholas (Dave's pick) moves on to challenge Ben Abbott in the final round. w toggle watching status. Grant R. Marcoux of The pilgrim Soul Forge. The program places four competitors in three elimination rounds to forge bladed weapons. Self - Host (45 Episodes) J. Neilson. For rounds 1 and 2, smiths get to gamble in the Forge Casino's game of cards in order to determine what type of challenge they get. In this special episode, Dave Baker looks back at some of the most iconic and deadliest weapons that were welded by the strongest warriors in history. The program places four competitors in three elimination rounds to forge bladed weapons. Joseph "JoJo" Salyers 2. Matt Bingaman (38 points, $1,000) 4. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. | Kelly Vermeer-Vella was the first woman to win her episode. The judges include David Baker, Doug Marcaida, J. Neilson, and Ben Abbott. Attached to those handles are five unique blades from U.S. military history that the competitors must copy. The remaining two smiths craft a pair of Ginunting swords at their home forges in round 3. Jimmy Coronado 3. Forged in Fire is an American television series which has aired on the History channel since its season one premiere episode on June 22, 2015 and is produced by Outpost Entertainment. Nicholas chooses the Spatha sword, using 1095 and 15N20 steel in a twist-and-stack Damascus technique. Ray Kirk, American Bladesmith Society Master Smith. Jimmy Pool (Baby Boomers). Official Sites These four contestants from previous seasons were invited to compete again based on fans' reaction to their initial performance. Lee Crawford (Navy), (using ladder pattern Damascus from a metal ladder), (using canister Damascus with metal from a barber's chair), (using metal from Greek armor and the Go-mai technique), (using a blade from one knife & combining it with a different weapon's handle), (using canister Damascus with drill bits), (with additional parameters added during forging), Results: 1. Get season by season character and cast bios and more only on The HISTORY Channel. Willis was born into a 2. To keep with the mystery theme, the contestants not only have to figure out for themselves what kind of steel they have, but also have to contend with an "invisible clock" for the first round, only relying on time callouts from Grady. Both the axe chop and the backwards red lettering are references to the 1980 film The Shining. After one smith is eliminated, the remaining two proceed to the second round and must re-create the Hunter's long and short swords at their home forges. 1 talking about this. In this episode, The Forge moves to the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut where the competition goes back to blacksmithing of old. Marcaida's younger brother and students have filled in for weapons testing during Marcaida's injury recovery. ctrl + s submit form. In the "Championship" series, Dave Baker presents his favorite weapons (various types and origins) featured in championship rounds from previous episodes.[233]. Webexecutive producer (128 episodes, 2019-2022) Paul Hogan. In round 1, smiths are tasked with making a signature Damascus san mai blade with a 80CrV2 steel core inside a 1095 and 15N20 steel Damascus "sandwich". Results: 1. Filming & Production Seven non-winners from seasons 4 and 5 competed over two episodes for $20,000. Four smiths are assigned to make a signature blade, forging the metal with as many damascus layers as possible in 3 hours. p toggle public/private. Jarrett. Caleb Peck 4. Meet the Forged In Fire: Knife Or Death cast including Bill Goldberg December 1, 2022 Kiesha Dosanjh Forged in Fire: Knife or Death has landed on Netflix. 4 hours: Stacked canister Damascus (no one), 3 hours: Ladder pattern Damascus (Jordan, Jesse, Marcus), 2 hours: Handle, guard, and mosaic pin (no one), 1 hour: Handle scales only (Jordan, Jesse), Handle construction: Two materials, G10 and ironwood. ctrl + s submit form. Each weapon is tested and evaluated by a panel of three or four judges. Four master/apprentice pairs competed in this episode. 6 Doug And Will Initially Had No Clue How To Forge While the contestants are all well-versed in their craft, the judges didn't all come with the same bladesmith experience. Forged in Fire hosts 1. Garrett Campbell 3. n create new discussion. Burt Foster (S2, E7), Results: 1. The winner received an additional $10,000 and the title "Champion of Champions". In round 1, four smiths cut through steel cages (representing a WWE Hell in a Cell steel cage match) to retrieve 1095 and 15N20 steel plates used for their signature blades. Chevy Waddoups 4. To accommodate for this, the forges and power tools were made available in both rounds, a first for the show. WebFour bladesmiths go back in time to the Revolutionary War to forge a Rifleman's Knife. After an intense round of testing, two smiths return home to recreate an even more iconic weapon of the revolution: The Continental Cavalry Sabre. The four contestants of the Summer Forging Games compete for $15,000 dollars and, perhaps most coveted of all, the 'Forged in Fire' champions title. Event 7 Results: 1. [1] Neilson briefly returned for the first episode of season four (a special with Knight, Baker, and Marcaida) before returning for good in episode eight until Abbott took over for the final three episodes. Paul Elkins 4. James Mays (S6 E30) 2. Harry Harkins. hunting knife by James Huse. Brent's blade breaks at about mid-blade while Nathan's blade breaks at the handle. Judges: Ben Abbott, David Baker, Doug Marcaida. "The Fastest Blade in the West" Challenge: Inspired by the Mexican cowboys or Vaqueros of the old west, the four Smiths will forge a Mexican Bowie knife in 3 hours or less with any steel from the pantry Since this challenge is about speed and accuracy, the goal is to get their blades inside an empty sheath before them. Matt Montgomery 3. Nathan lands "Raindrop pattern Damascus". Steve Wells (S7 E30). 15N20, 5160, 1095) from any source (e.g. Forging technique: Layered Damascus. The winner of the single 5-hour round gets to decide the final round's blade style and technique. May 25, 2022 | 41m 45s | tv-pg v,l | CC Four bladesmiths enter the forge to compete in an epic Forged in Fire first: the Knife Fight. Then two more smiths whose blades failed to make it to testing compete to get their weapons into the hands of the judges. After the 3-hour forging round is complete, the three remaining metalworkers make any necessary blade corrections and fabricate wooden handles from logs. hunting knife by James Huse. David Goldberg (S1, E4) (J's pick) 4. Two smiths survive to recreate a weapon from a past, Judge Dave Baker's blade copy from memory. Four smiths participate in a competition called "flipping the script", where they will dictate everything about the challenge. The first Smith to do so, will have an extra 30 minutes to make a handle in the second round of competition. The winner received an additional $10,000 and the title "Champion of Champions". Webexecutive producer (128 episodes, 2019-2022) Paul Hogan. In "Long Road to Redemption Part 1", seven returning non-winners competed outside using coal forges. In the fifth and closing episode of the "Gladiators of the Forge" series, the host and judges retake control of the weapon style choices, forging techniques, and parameters. Trish Arno (Army veteran), (using canister Damascus from round tubes), Results: 1. Each knapsack contains a paper outlining the technique they must use for forging, with a selection of suitable steels. Jeremy is eliminated after testing, sending Rob into the final round against Ben Abbott. WebJames Huse of Huse knives. Film Trip is your number #1 hub for all things TV Show and Movie Related! On all edit pages. 1 talking about this. In the fifth and final installment of the "Beat the Unbeaten" series, two bladesmiths (both with previous appearances on the show) compete by forging signature blades. N/A. The parameters decided on were: Results: 1. On discussion pages. Earl Blackmore (S2, E3) 4. The bladesmith that impresses the judges most at the end of the "Impress Us Challenge" is automatically eligible for the final round while the other three blades undergo testing. The Judges even get to test them out in the most brutal of tests. Salem Straub (S2, E2) 4. Alex Morris 3. Michael Bizark 4.Tim Jane ("TJ"). Forrest Ketner (Baby Boomers) 2. The bladesmiths must bring their creativity during the "Best in Damascus" competition, where they have to forge a unique Damascus pattern completed weapon in only 5 hours. Willis was born into a 2. After an intense round of testing, two smiths return home to recreate an even more iconic weapon of the revolution: The Continental Cavalry Sabre. Results: 1. As the winner, Brent chooses to recreate the Ida sword for the 8-hour final round. Smiths have to make a Continental riflemans knife to match a given replica sample. Gene Hodges (Marines) 3. Event 9 Results: 1. Nick Hix 3. Clarence Jackson (S3, E10) 3. Each will pick a card that has an attribute to their blade build that they will have complete control over. Type of blade: General Recurve. Ray Kirk (S1, E8) 3. In the second round, they have to fit their blades with a scroll guard and a handle with a hidden tang construction. Knight says that "Forged in Fire" is actually based on a competition he and his wife developed for the American Bladesmith Society. Shayne Carter (S3, E3) 3. Two runner-up smiths battle it out in the forge to prove they have what it takes to be number one. Jason Palmer (S6, E18), (using 52100 steel ball bearing and salvaged steel from excavator bucket), Results: 1. Forged in Fire hosts 1. This episode featured contestants eliminated from previous episodes returning for a chance at redemption. In round 1, four bladesmiths are tasked in constructing weapons from metal items hanging on a "Wall of Torture" tools. Brent lands the "Choose your own pattern Damascus" and picks the "twisted crushed W's" technique. [1], Neilson missed most of season three due to hand surgery. If they don't like where they land on the first spin, they can spin again, but in doing so, they will lose two hours of their total time at their home forges. Menno 4. Jesse Hu ($15,000) (S9 E1415) 2. Colette Dumont 4. The judges include David Baker, Doug Marcaida, J. Neilson, and Ben Abbott. Todd Dekoda 4. Chris Moss 2. Raymond Smith was eliminated based on the results of a preliminary test performed on blades that they forged ahead of time. Garrett Elting (Corporal; Marines) (S6 E12) 2. Zach Batanyan (Gen Z) 4. In a reversal of sorts, the smiths created the titanium handles in the first round before forging the dagger blades in the second. The hit reality TV show on History, Forged in Fire, introduced viewers to mightily talented craftsmen like Steven Bryan, David Goldberg, and Jennifer Lyddane. After competing against each other in the studio forge, the winner challenged one of the judges, a veteran weapon recreation bladesmith, David Baker, by creating the signature blades in David's forge. The "Case American Heroes Knife Series" consists of the "Lamb Hunter" SGM Kyle Lamb, Army; "The Hambone" SGT Clint Romesha, Army; "The Skinner" Kevin Holland, Navy & Army; "Recurve Utility #6" Harry Bologna, Navy. Jordan Kepler 2. p toggle public/private. Chad Kennedy (20 points) 2. Jimbo Henson, Event 2: Damascus-layered Throwing knives Robby Bowman (S3, E5) 4. Wil Willis Wil Willis is an American television personality born on 14 February 1975 (age 46). Collin Sage (S5, E5) 2. Josh Adams 2. As the second competition within the "Beat the Unbeaten" Ben Abbott series, this episode showcases a new set of three bladesmiths tasked with building their signature blades in a 5-hour round. In another "Beat the Unbeaten" challenge, three contestants (each with broken blades in previous episodes) build their signature blades in a single 5-hour round, using bandsaw blades, chainsaw blades, springs, ball bearings, and roller bearings. This four-part invitational tournament is the first time four bladesmiths competing on an episode have the same background. Bladesmiths have to forge weapons from a deadly device from the French Revolution.
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