You may retrieve the full proxy statement by going to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website at and entering the company's name and then looking in the first column for an entry of "Form DEF 14A" (or any similar code). In 1994The Boston Heraldreported that an ex-con turned movie crew chief of Local 25 William Billy OBrien, was named in an indictment for an armored car robbery in New Hampshire that ended in the execution of two guards. OBrien missed his opportunity to shine as a great Teamster leader during the 2013 UPS Contract negotiations when he was appointed coordinator of supplemental contract negotiations. He visited Orlando, Atlanta, and Dallas, among other cities, last week as part of his campaign. A proxy statement (or "proxy") is a form that every publicly traded U.S. company is required to file with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) within 120 days after the end of its fiscal year. The information shown here is a reporting of information included in the company's proxy statement. 53 independent contractors received more than $100,000 in compensation. [6], In 2013 OBrien was suspended for two weeks for threatening members of the reform group Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) who were opposing one of his allies. I told Jason to slow the car down to avoid hitting these guys, she testified. sean o brien teamsters salary. Id like to see everything unionized, not just those companies. With the infiltration of the violent and criminal Winter Hill Gang into Local 25 and the constant headline stories about the troubled local on the front pages of The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald, in 1991, McCarthy lost his local election to George Cashman, an opportunist disguised as a reformer. All proxy statements are public filings made available to the general public by the SEC. Theres an academic who said, The history of unions is always about failing forward. Do you think thats true? Id love to see every single industry represented by a union. But that . He joined Teamsters Local 25 in Charlestown, Mass. employment and social development canada payee account number A federal indictment, filed on September 30, 2015, summarized what took place that day on the picket line. He looked terrified. gabriel iglesias volkswagen collection. Check out the recording of the UPS Teamsters United webinar, Yellow has filed updated change of operations documents to consolidate Holland and New Penn into Yellow across the Midwest, East and South. Were providing goods and services, whether its delivering e-commerce, picking up trash, or making certain that food is supplied to grocery stores. He joined Teamsters Local 25 in Charlestown, Mass. And that clearly undercut the prosecutions theory that the defendants had been trying to force the production company, Magical Elves, to hire Teamsters to perform superfluous services a key element to the attempted extortion charge. Specifically, the General President, the General Secretary- Treasurer, and Executive Assistant to the General President are provided housing, the fair value of which is included on their W-2s. This information is according to proxy statements filed for the . One of the drivers was John Mick Murray, an admitted associate of by then fugitive gangster Whitey Bulger. This information is a public record, which can also be found on, which is a government-run website. She bagged $427,717 in salaries, allowances and expenses. We ask that and other burning questions of Bostons own Sean OBrien, the most powerful labor leader in all the land. As Teamsters General President, OBrien is committed to winning and defending strong national contracts, organizing new members, and aggressively taking on employers. Read the company's new, . This kind of conduct reflects poorly on our city and must be addressed for what it is not union organizing, but criminal extortion.. He also stated what happened was not a planned event through Local 25. This list also includes some professional union staff, including attorneys. And two, for typical corporate America, were only as good as our last at-bat, and they forget who made them a success during the pandemic. [5] Editorial, Teamsters case shows: Goons are bad for business, The Boston Globe, September 26, 2012. One of the main challenges is that the . sean o brien teamsters salary. Nearly 1,200 Teamsters joined the call to arm themselves with the facts for our contract fight. Although OBrien was not a union Co-Chairman of the fund in 2008, he served as one of three trustees when it entered critical status. Since taking over as co-chairman the fund has not stopped declining. From the onset, Lepore said of the defense team, we were scratching our heads, wondering, Why are we here? It was ratified anyway. sean o brien teamsters salary. Boston and beyond, be warned: Sean O'Brien is shaking up the world of organized labor. Sources confirm Top Chef harassment by local Teamsters, read the papers headline. Posted on December 18, 2021 by . 2021.11.19. Deadline is a part of Penske Media Corporation. In the past 10 years, CEO pay at S&P 500 companies increased more than $500,000 a year to an average of $14.5 million in 2018. Of this total $469,341 was received as a salary, $492,808 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $1,160,238 was awarded as stock and $416,010 came from other types of compensation. Some of these active rank-and-file reformers lost their jobs in the process as they campaigned relentlessly in the 2016 Teamsters presidential election to bring Zuckerman within less than 3.23 % of Hoffas vote. McCarthy was forced in March 1989 to agree to a consent decree that would rid the union of corruption and organized crime involvement. Click here to see last year's report. Multiple salaries should not be handed out as political favors or patronage. They could care less about their workers. Teamsters has $303 million in net assets. Sean O'Brien was a rising star in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 2017 when the union's longtime president, James P. Hoffa, effectively cast him aside. Teamsters Local 25 President Sean O'Brien (right) at the UPS Orlando hub. 141 employees received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 55 most highly compensated employees listed below: Note: The * indicates a portion of the compensation was paid from a related organization which appears to be the Teamsters National Headquarters Building Corporation, a C-corp owned 100% by the Teamsters, that operates out of the same business address as the Teamster headquarters in Washington. I think right now, we can all agree that that minimum wage should have a starting point of $20 per hour. O'Brien came home to a raucous reception Sunday, days after winning the election to lead the 1.4 million-member union at the national level. sean o'brien teamsters salary. I just find it odd that six years later he should have stood up then if he had such a strong opinion of it, and why didnt you do that back then?, Harringtons guilty plea and conviction belies OBriens claim that the indicted men didnt commit any crimes on that picket line. And before he was sentenced in December 2016, Harrington apologized for his conduct on the picket line. More importantly neither plans to slash the multiple salaries and other excessive perks officers have enjoyed since James P. Hoffas win in 1998 restored the old-guard to power. I didnt want them on the set, he testified. Number one, we are going to have to negotiate strong contracts in similar companies like UPS and DHL, where we have a template to show unorganized workers what benefits theyll get with unionizing, like healthcare, a pension, a grievance procedure, and, most important, dignity and respect. Teamsters case shows: Goons are bad for business The Boston Globe, [6] Pension Cuts Hit New England, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, July 27, 2005. O'Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United candidates and activists hitting the gates across the country to turn out the vote for new . Local 25 attorney Martin G. Weinberg told the Herald: The issue is premature. More information on Sean O'Brien can be found here. A source close to the network did tell us that details of the Deadline account are true, the story said. During the last contract negotiations, OBrien tried to strong-arm my local into accepting a lower pension increase and eliminating twenty-five and out. Sean OBrien backed Hoffa without a word of criticism in the last election. [6], In 2006, OBrien was elected president of Local 25, and has been re-elected six times as of 2022. As the ballots make it to members homes this October, it is very important that each and every one of those members knows this history before they vote. Throughout the morning, the indictment said, the defendants continued to use and threaten to use physical violence against members of the crew and others. Two of the very highest on the list will not be there next year: John Coli of Chicago has pled guilty to taking employer payoffs; and his associate Becky Strzechowski resigned after Coli was indicted. Other Compensation covers all compensation-like awards that don't fit in any of these other standard categories. coyote mexican cafe menu news Uncategorized sean o brien teamsters salary The Boston Herald reported that a few weeks before jury selection was to begin, attorneys for the four defendants disclosed that he planned to plead the Fifth Amendment and not answer any questions if called to testify. You slut! Teamsters has $303 million in net assets. The prosecutions theory of the case was that the Teamsters were seeking no-show jobs, or as the indictment put it, Money to be paid as wages for imposed, unwanted, and unnecessary and superfluous services. The show, however, had already been fully staffed with non-union drivers, and didnt need any Teamsters. A 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom, 2 story condo in a highly sought community RIVERVIEW Courts. Had the four men been convicted, each faced a maximum of 20 years in prison. I would never send anybody in my local union and put them in harms way, knowing that its going to be an illegal picket line, he added. Teamster Official Suspended over threats to members. Because of his conviction, Cashman lost his two positions at Local 25 and Joint Council 10 and was barred from being employed by the union for thirteen years. In fact, some of these thugs have since 2007 become OBriens personal goons and are best referred today as Seanies. But OBrien didnt lift a finger when it came to addressing the ills that have afflicted Local 25. If the Teamsters had this bad purpose to extort in order to get no-show jobs that would have been the place for it to happen, defense attorney Kevin Barron said in his closing argument. Jennifer Levy, Bravos SVP Production, arrived at the restaurant in her black SUV, and soon found herself running a gauntlet of hate. how old is duncan wood from calendar news unf cross country: schedule sean o brien teamsters salary. Group Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. I thought he might hit me. Rebuffed by Hoffa, in 2017 OBrien reached out to the leaders and rank and filers of the Teamsters United movement. Union-busters who try to use union salaries to attack unions should look in the mirror. We need to fix it. As opposed to Everythings hunky-dory.. Employees received a FICA match which is a gross up payment included on their W-2. What is Teamster Rank & File Education and Legal Defense Foundation (TRF)? Now after his termination by Hoffa, Sean says he is for the members and this is not about politics. PO Box 10128 | Detroit, MI 48210 | (313) 842-2600 | [emailprotected], Teamsters Rank and File Education and Legal Defense Foundation, PO Box 10303 | Detroit, MI 48210 | (313) 842-2615 | [emailprotected], Copyright 2015 | All Rights Reserved. Oftentimes, we look at things only from the perspective of whats germane to my union, and if it doesnt affect me, why would I get involved? TDU stands for keeping these reasonable limits in place, and putting our union funds to good use with hard-working organizers and programs that build Teamster power. [7] He was dismissed from his position as Package Division director by James P. Hoffa after reaching out to Teamster Locals and members that had opposed Hoffa's reelection as general president., CNN Local News Teamsters movie crew includes some bad actors July 27, 2000, UPS to leave New England fund, strikes new funding deal | Pensions & Investments (, Millions Lose Government Assistance and Protection; Biden Mandates Vaccination, On the Anniversary of Russias War on Ukraine: Analyzing the Roots of Russian Imperialism, Nicaragua: Ortega Strips Nationality from 94 Opponents, The Jewish Labor BundsMedem Sanatorium: 1926-1942. The highs and lows of local organized labor. Sean O'Brien, who is international vice president for the Teamsters eastern region. We want to hear from you! [Fighting against] allowing the company to hire people to deliver packages out of personal vehicles and subcontract work are going to be top priorities in these new negotiations. He is a celebrity poet. sean o'brien teamsters salary. Aloise is planning to come back, with all his salaries, and even wants to be Teamster president. During the subsequent trial, however, none of the witnesses testified to having seen or been subjected to physical violence. As she tried to cross their picket line, she said, the men shouted at her, You f*cking scumbag! At the same time Republican governors pushed anti-union right-to-work legislation in Republican ran states, while Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy pushed trucking deregulation through Congress, leading to the rise of non-union carriers in the freight industry. Average CEO Pay Up $14.5 Million. As Group Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at DCP MIDSTREAM LP, Sean P. O'Brien made $2,538,397 in total compensation. what is partitioning in oracle. sean o brien teamsters salary. Its tough to understand an industry that you never worked in, but when you have a famous last name. Welcome to Lakeside. And part of it is making sure that were crafting proposals that are in their best interests, and fighting hard and bargaining hard at the table. We could have had the same with James P. Hoffa, but he didnt come up through the ranks. [6] OBrien attended University of Massachusetts Boston for one semester before joining Local 25 in 1991. tofind out how toaccess the LM-2 of your local union. I felt threatened. Formed more than 100 years ago in 1903, the Teamsters have 1,900 Teamster affiliates in the US and Canada and Puerto Rico that are supported by the headquarters in Washington, DC: a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (5) an organization that has a duty to its members first. How much political clout do you think you now have? This comes after 16 years spent leading Bostons Local 25, where he was its youngest president, at age 34. P.O Box. So he got his attorneys to say that he could retire and collect a $5,000 a month pension from the Local 175 pension plan, while continuing to serve as the locals principal officer. Hopefully youll support him when he gets the majority of votes. Enjoy dual pane vinyl windows, high 9' ceilings top & bottom floors, a spacious loft 10' x 10' that can be used as a bedroom or game room, a 10' x 5' Harry Potter closet previously used as an office, hand-carved lightly distressed maple hardwood flooring-Ponto . Tom is a third-generation Local 25 Teamster and has served as an elected official of Local 25 since 2006. This information is according to proxy statements filed for the 2021 fiscal year. The leaders of Locals 700 and 1932 have refused to provide copies of their 2018 Form 990 tax returns. Please donateand subscribe to help provide our informative, timely analysis unswerving in its commitment to struggles for peace, freedom, equality, and justice what New Politics has called socialism for a half-century. James Hoffa. The majority of the officials in the report who received multiple salaries from the IBT were called on to donate to the Hoffa-Hall campaign in 2016. In a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Woodlock, he wrote: Over the past 16 months I have reflected back upon that day with great remorse. But the fact remains that my opponent has used this to attack me; has used [this] to state that we didnt stand by and abandoned our members. The proof of that, they argued, came from one of the prosecutions own witnesses, Bravo executive David OConnell, who offered to pay them just to go away. Today, most Teamster officials salaries are far more reasonable. My secretary-treasurer had full authority to set up informational picket lines and/or community standards picket lines, which he did. Members are stepping up. I was quoted a few months ago saying, Two Boston guys can solve a lot of problems, and thats true right out of the gate. In December 2008, the fund was certified by its actuaries to be in critical status as defined by the Pension Protection Act (PPA). In fact, the defense rested without calling a single witness. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Twitter, International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Facebook, International Brotherhood of Teamsters on YouTube, International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Instagram, Justice For Sanitation Workers at Republic/Allied Waste. The government didnt have anything to support their theory of extortion. Sean O'Brien speaking on Independence Mall in Philadelphia August 20th 2022, "A Hoffa Ally, Then a Foe, and Soon the Teamsters President", "Social Media Teamsters Union Local 25", "O'brien-Zuckerman, General Executive Board Begin Five-Year Term", "First Task for the Teamsters' Next Boss: Take On UPS", "Thousands of Teamsters voted against a new UPS contract. What a shame about that pretty face, Lakshmi testified. [6] No other Teamsters pension fund requires any members to work to late an age. sean o brien teamsters salary. [8], In May 2018 O'Brien announced his candidacy to run against long-standing General President James P. Hoffa of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We have a very diverse membership. For more specific information, see Schedule J, Part II of the IRS Form 990. This report is not for commercial use. WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement from Teamsters General President Sean M. O'Brien on today's release of the 2022 work stoppage numbers by the U.S. Bureau of . In the 1980s, several powerful officials made over $500,000, which would be $1.3 million in todays dollars. But they wont appreciate us until they have to go into their pockets and reward our members and pay them for their success. My intention is to spend as much time there as needed, but my goal is really to spend more time out in the field, all over the United States, talking to our members in different industries. Youve got Senator Bernie Sanders. He admitted falsifying timesheets to allow nine-teen truck drivers to illegally collect more than $72,000 in health benefits. sean o brien teamsters salary. [1][3] O'Brien resigned from Local 25 and Joint Council 10 on March 1, 2022, in order to serve full-time as General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. TDU's 180-degree turn behind the thuggish Sean O'Brien exposes the critical role it plays in propping up the authority the Teamsters bureaucracy. Teamsters can all agree that we should pay union officers and staff fairly, and expect them to work hard for the members in return. PUBLISHED: November 22, 2021 at 1:04 p.m. | UPDATED: November 22, 2021 at 1:06 p.m. Sean O'Brien, president-elect of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, was back in Boston Sunday to help . In the past 10 years, CEO pay at S&P 500 companies increased more than $500,000 a year to an average of $14.5 million in 2018. OBrien apologized and the lead TDU advocate in the episode later supported him. Well be policing our own. Top Chef Teamsters Trial: Padma Lakshmi Says She Was Terrified: I Thought He Might Hit Me, Her passenger-side window was down, and one of the Teamsters put his arm in the window, resting his elbow on her door. The five (5) highest were reported to be: To read the IRS Form 990 (2017), click here. The Sean O'Brien and Fred Zuckerman Slate was endorsed by Teamsters for a Democratic Union (a rank and file teamster reform organization) in November 2019 after a UPS contract was signed, despite a majority of members voting against the contract terms. However for a complete and definitive understanding of the pay practices of any company, users should refer directly to the actual, complete proxy statement. I offered to pay them double to go away. The Teamsters, however, rejected that offer, he testified. This was followed by McCarthys resignation as Joint Council 10 president, a position he had held since 1972. In the past he has been referred to as the the Boston Bully for his behavior against reformers and those challenging his closest allies. Sean O'Brien and Fred Zuckerman-led Teamsters United appears to have the lead in the race for convention delegates, over the Teamster Power slate led by Steve Vairma, who has received Hoffa's endorsement. Whatever union members that were causing the problems in Milton came on their own. Look, I think we can all agree that over the years, the independent contractor model has skirted a lot of wage and hour laws, and basically circumvents unionization. Its not going to be a traditional organizing drive, because Amazon went from being a book club to a global economy. Weve got to make sure that if there is any type of corruption, we deal with it swiftly and take appropriate action. In a speech made during a rally in East Providence, Rhode Island, O'Brien called Bairos "one of his . Marty and I were able to resolve a strike in Reno, Nevada, two months ago, just by forming a relationship with the CEO of one of the companies and getting a deal done that was in the best interests of the workers. General President-elect Sean O'Brien announced key appointments on an OZ-Teamsters United transition call and signaled a new direction in UPS, freight, warehouse, carhaul, airline, rail, and construction as well as in the Organizing and Education Departments. OBrien is the proud father of two sons, Sean Jr. and Joseph. But the stars aligned, which is great. And I will say this: I have gotten a lot of phone calls from a lot of high-ranking officials in Washington, DC, who probably wouldnt have called me two years ago. One, the general public absolutely appreciates us. San Antonio College and Santa Ana College in Southern California. Under his leadership, Local 25s membership increased by more than 30 percent. He was elected as the youngest GEB member on the Hoffa-Hall 2011 ticket and the highest vote getter as candidate for Eastern Region Vice-President. For those interested in conducting a detailed compensation analysis, we recommend that you review the entire proxy statement. 01444899 par | Juin 5, 2022 | death in clarke county, alabama | Juin 5, 2022 | death in clarke county, alabama At the time Cashman took over Local 25, it had become the constant subject of both local newspaper and television news stories due to its members notorious behavior and close association to the gangster James Whitey Bulger. Questions about the role newly elected Teamsters president Sean OBrien played in a thuggish 2014 labor dispute on the Boston set of Top Chef are still dogging him, resurfacing recently in the run-up to his election last week.